Day 9

9. May 2000, Istanbul to Bolu

The drive today was relatively relaxed with one exception: On our way to Hacimusalar, we first went the official route and then decided to go for a short-cut. This is allowed practice under the rally regulations. Unfortunately our decision to turn around came too late and we lost a minute. It was still the right decision as most of those who went the official route lost even more time.

The Turkish countryside showed itself from its best side as summer has only started and everything is still green (in late summer grass tends to dry out). We went up mountains again and our final destination was the lake of Abant in the district of Bolu which is a popular resort with some skiing close by.

The roads had some reasonable damage and there was some construction going on. Some of the areas we drove through today had been struck by the earthquake last year but we could not see any signs of it other then the replacement houses of those who were fortunate enough to survive. But we were told that in areas such as Düzce there is still a lot of damage. Médecins sans frontières were one of the first international teams to help after the earthquake (see link).

TC 37: Istanbul OUT
TC 38: Akbir Geyve
23 164.45 km
TC 39: Hacimusalar
50 (1 minute penalty) 100.00 km
TC 40: Bolu IN
50 45.50 km

Overall 25 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

Crossing over to Asia

Bay of Izmit

Housing for earthquake victims

...but the road is heading into the mountains again

Time check: Akbir Geyve

going up, very nice scenery

villages in the valleys

Two horse power brings us around the lake



Istanbul seen from the Bosphorus bridge, the gateway between Europe and Asia.

Remember our broken screen? We have received a back-up (in Team Busch orange), so Sami is making all the necessary adjustments in the back seat.

overland routes

but not so nice roads (sand with mixed-in gravel)

the lake of Abant

working on the cars