Day 68

7. July 2000, Rest Day in Newark (and New York)

As this was not our first time in New York, we decided to do just one thing and take a cruise around the island of Manhattan, which takes about three hours. We had a good tour guide and wonderful weather so it was a very enjoyable trip full of insight into the short history of this megalopolis.
In the morning, we went to Ray Catena's Mercedes-Benz dealership because we thought we had another problem with our generator: It turned out to be just a malfunctional battery, and Catena's provided excellent service and did not charge for it (it does have its advantages to drive around the world in a classic, thanks to Guido).

Overall 1 hour 47 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

The statue of Liberty, a present from France.

Brooklyn Bridge and the twin towers of the World Trade Center

The United Nations with the Chrysler (DaimlerChrysler?) building in the back.

The cloisters of the Metropolitan Museum. One of the Rockefellers bought this land and all the land opposite of it in New Jersey to maintain the view on the "Palisades" of the Hudson river. The cloisters exhibit European Middle Age artwork.

Times square


Downtown Manhattan

The famous Empire State Building, tallest building in the world for 40 years.

Of about twenty bridges we passed under, the grey one in the foreground was the only one which needed to open for us. It is used by Amtrak railroads. Notice how North Manhattan consists of forests.

The aircraft carrier Intrepid (a museum) and some of the many national flag sailing ships that have come to celebrate Independence Day in New York (they had the biggest firework in history). The "Gorch Fock", the navy training ship from Germany is also present.

New York architecture

From right to left: Jason, Sami, Geeta, Kaya, Sergio, Ashu, Martin, etc. - friends of Sami from M.I.T.