Day 67

6. July 2000, Binghamton to Newark

Our last driving day in North America again turns out to be tight-scheduled. By getting into more populated areas now (can it get any more populated than New York City? - but we pass by it) we have to fight against delays caused by heavy traffic. Additionally there is some construction on the route, so we suddenly find twenty of the rally cars all driving together and trying to overtake each other. But it's a good thing that the day is short. In the afternoon we have another general service (oil and grease) at Strauss Discount Auto: they work overtime for us and do not charge anything (special thanks to Alberto). We end the day in a restaurant with the most spectacular view on New York City, which only New Jersey can offer.

TC 268: Binghamton OUT
TC 269: Eddy Farm Resort IN
17 205.45 km
TC 270: Eddy Farm Resort OUT
TC 271: Newark IN
09 125.25 km

Overall 1 hour 47 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

Construction sites have pushed the cars together...

Curvy street along the Delaware

Eddy Farm is an old-style hotel resort on the river Delaware with a porch and all. New Yorkers must have come here for summer vacation (before the arrival of the jet plane).

More suburban life: Typical American house - garden, driveway, double garage, big car and flag.

It means also more traffic and traffic-jams


... and with many double yellow lines it gets difficult to overtake.

Time-check at Eddy Farm Resort.

The river Delaware, at this point is a nice river with few rapids: Ideal for easy canoeing, kayaking or just plain swimming.

More urban life - not quite New York City, but we now pass one small town after the other.

Busch USA welcomes us in Newark: from left to right - Ted from the New Jersey office, Bill from Busch Inc., Kaya, Karl, Sami, Michael from Busch Manufacturing and Paul from Busch Consolidated.