Day 62

1. July 2000, Duluth to Marquette

Today there was going to be a final test section for North America but when we arrived at the time-check the time given to drive it was extended. It is all to do with the Independence Day holidays and the fact that we are driving through more populated areas, so that it makes sense to take the safety precautions of not making any tests for the time being. We are happy with that, after more than enough tests in the recent three weeks. There will be two more in Morocco, though.
From Duluth we drove through Wisconsin, famous for dairy, onto Michigan, a state famous for its automotive industry. But we do not see many cows or cars as most of our routes take us over lonely forest roads. At the lunch TCs, which are normally in populated areas, it is interesting to meet the people who drove some distance just to see us. On our stop in Glidden, Thomas, an Englishman now living in Minnesota gives us $20 for the "Doctors Without Borders". (Many thanks!)

TC 232: Duluth OUT
TC 235: Glidden IN
57 232.27 km
TC 236: Glidden OUT
TC 237: Mercer IN
24 98.75 km
TC 238: Mercer OUT
TC 239: Paulding
15 54.45 km
PC L'Anse      
TC 243: Marquette IN
00 230.96 km

Overall 1 hour 47 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

The rally is restarted in Duluth in front of the museum ship William A. Irvin. The weather is rainy.

In the morning: forest gravel roads in the rain

In the afternoon: forest gravel roads in the sun

In the late afternoon: Forest gravel roads are blocked by logging companies - we have to drive on the highway. Saved by the lumberjacks!


Driving out of Duluth

Dutchmen Joop and Han with Han's 356 Porsche.

Auto enthusiasts along the road.

Gravel never comes without dust and the dust manages to get everywhere inside the car and the trunk.

Marquette is a small harbour town in Michigan.