Day 61

30. June 2000, Rest day in Duluth

Since Anchorage we have now driven more than 10,000 kms and since our last rest day more than 4300 kms. So we really need a break! Rest days are never real rest days since one ends up doing all kind of different work for which there was no time on the road. Still, our car has been running very well. Most of our competitors are often surprised at how little time we spend dealing with our car. Also today, we manage to get maintenance finished by noon, so we spend the afternoon walking around Duluth on a beautiful, sunny Friday and in the evening we go to the cinema. Some time to relax, after all!

Overall 1 hour 47 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

Duluth and the Lake Superior

Pedestrian bridge in the rejuvenated old harbour area with shops and restaurants.

Duluth has a sand beach...

... and very nice, sunny weather today...

... but its main source of income is probably not tourism and has more likely to do something with these big silos we see on the other side of the harbour.

People have great interest in our cars and are very helpful. Four men helped us wash the car inside out (Thanks again to those MG Club and Austin Healey Club members)


Bud from Wisconsin gives us a lift when we ask him for directions to the city centre.

As every rest day, our conscience tells us that we should do some work on the car. So we do an oil change, greasing and general inspection at Jiffy-Lube for $27.

Presentation of rally cars and Duluth skyline.

Duluth architecture reminds of Chicago, on a much smaller scale, though.

A drawbridge with elevator-principle, a prominent feature of Duluth.