Day 21

21. May 2000, Samarkand to Tashkent

The road from Samarkand to Tashkent was a nicely built highway, but we took a little detour through the mountains between Qizil Tut and Yangi Kishlok. Unfortunately the weather was bad and rainy, but the road had been recently repaired on the worst parts which was a pleasant surprise. We raced rather quickly through the hundreds of pot holes, but we still lost 4 minutes total in this 59 minute section. A lot of cars took heavy damage today. Broken axles, smashed oil sinks, crushed check absorbers, ... an seemingly endless list of repairs that cars had to do. We arrive in Tashkent quite early at 3 PM and take a very close look at the car to make sure that we don't overlook any possible damage, since the most difficult parts of the journey in central Asia are still ahead.

TC 66: Samarkand Out
TC 67: Qizil Tut
TC 68: Yangi Kishlok
10 (4 minutes penalty)  
TC 69: Tashkent In
59 241.20 km

Overall 41 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

Obviously the Canadian team arrived here before we did

The road takes us right across the hills to Tashkent.

We were running very low on fuel today since most gas stations are closed on Sunday mornings. Fortunately there was high octane fuel at TC 69 from a tank truck (Everything above 76 is high octane.)



The local people of Qizil Tut are watching the cars taking off from the check point

Unfortunately it starts to rain heavily right in the worst part of the track about 30 minutes before Yangi Chick.

And we reach Tashkent early around 3 PM