Day 22

22. May 2000, Tashkent to Bishkek

We had breakfast in the dark today, since there was no electricity in the hotel when we got up. Today was a long, but relaxing drive. In order to navigate around the Ferghana valley where kidnappings happened last year we crossed over to Kyrgistan via Kazakhstan. This meant two border crossings today which fortunately were surprisingly uncomplicated and quick. We were driving through seemingly endless green meadows of Kazakhstan. which are bordered by high snow peaked mountains. People in Kazakhstan. and Kyrgistan can still understand our Turkish and asked us about the journey at every stop that we made.

TC 70: Tashkent Out
PC: Bishkek Highway
TC 71: Bishkek In

Overall 41 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

The border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan is only a short drive from Tashkent away and very busy with traders.

Unfortunately the very high snow peaked mountains did not show up on this picture. We drove through this landscape all day. Mostly it was just grass meadows without any trees.

Every time we stop for anything we instantly attract a lot of people asking us about the rally cars and wishing us a save journey.




In Kazakhstan we pass several large industrial complexes which seem to be abandoned.

Quick stop in a roadside shop that sells everything from shaving cream to barbie dolls.

A little airport in Kazakhstan.