Before starting our trip we decided to make this website a relatively high priority during the journey. Although space and weight in the car is very valuable, we took along a lot of heavy modern equipment just to be able to send you updates about our voyage from the midst of Turkmenistan. So far we used all of the equipment that we brought along.

This is Kaya's nice and stylish 500Mhz Apple workbook that we brought along. We are not quite sure how the screen broke. Although it seems to work fine, we were scared that the screen might fail completely ....

This is the blurry mug shot of Kaya's digital camera. A Canon 3.3 Megapixel camera with a 330MB Microdrive.

This triband cellphone was our main means of connecting so far. Although data rates are really low at 9.8kbit, nearly all larger asian cities have a GSM network. With per minute prizes of up to $7 for national calls to an ISP from a hotelroom, we often preferred the cellular low data rate over the the expensive land line.

Most often with land lines we just use the accoustic couppler instead of fumbling with the wires, which limits connection speed to 28.8kbit. Really great and useful device. It allows us to connect from a phone booth in Uzbekistan.



... which is why we took aboard Sami's Apple iBook in Istanbul

And here is the Sony MiniDV camera that we use for video. It connects nicely for video editing over firewire cabling to the workbook.

If we connect using a land line, we are very well equipped to connect to pretty much any socket in the world.

And of course we have a full bag of power adaptors, battery chargers, conversion plugs, backup disks, random cables, etc.