Day 43

12. June 2000, Anchorage to Tok

So we drive into the wilderness... Our first two days are slightly relaxed concerning the competitive aspect (to get used to the new surroundings). Leaving Anchorage we immediately get our first impressions of the Alaskan landscapes and nature. We are on one of the main roads in Alaska (State Highway number one) but do not get to see many villages or towns at all. Surprisingly, there are a dozen groups of enthusiasts out on the highway to make photos. On our first day we see forests, marsh, lakes, rivers, creeks, snow-covered mountains and glaciers, pretty much what will expect us the following days but it is certainly breath taking.

TC 120: Anchorage OUT
TC 121: Glenallen IN
55 295.44 km
TC 122: Glenallen OUT
TC 123: Tok IN
32 225.76 km

Overall 1 hour 10 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

Driving out of Anchorage, American team with their Buick "Woody" on the right.

time-check at Glenallen

Motels, of course, offer the convenience of having your car parked next to your hotel room. Until now we must have carried our bags several kilometres overall to our hotel-rooms.


driving up a river valley

Matanuska Glacier

Our motel "Golden Bear" in Tok. Tok as a town seems to be nothing but a collection of motels, restaurants, shops, petrol-stations, laundromats and RV places ("recreational vehicles", places where you can put your 10-metre or longer driving living container) located at the junction of highway 1 and 2.