Dunes de Sable Party

12. July 2000, Somewhere in the Sahara

Here are some group pictures from the Dunes de Sable party. I hope I got all the names right.

From left to right: Roberto and Rita Chiodi, Francois Chervaz, Yves and Arlette Morault and Shirin Azari, filming the whole scene.

From left to right: Justin McCarthy, Rick Dyke-Price, Stuart Onyett behind Rick, Edmund Holfeld in the yellow shirt, Paul Rolph and wife Joanna Rolph, hidden behind couple Freddie and Janet Giles

From left to right: Master mechanics, husband and wife, Peter and Betty Banham, mechanic Andy (?) in the front, William Balfour and Christopher Claridge-Ware in the back and Caroline Balfour hidden behind another mechanic in red, whose name I don't know.

From left to right: Phillippa McLachlan, Ronald Brons, former Mercedes works rally driver Tony Fowkes and Dave Whittock, our Clerk of the Course.

From left to right: Tony Sinclair, James Walters, one of the Steinhauser brothers - embarrassingly I do not know whether it is Paul or Jean, but then again nobody could ever tell me and my brother apart, David Hughes, Barry Weir is walking in the back.

From left to right: Claude Picasso, Michel Magnin, another "penguin", Paul Bessade, Sylvie Vautier and Christine Jones. Seated in front is Maria Rita Degli Esposti aka Rita Chiodi



Front table from left to right: Stephen Morley-Ham, Richard Newman and Mark Rinkel in the back, Richard and Judy Ingham front right

From left to right: Kelly Secrest with her father Ted Secrest, chief scrutineer Roger Byford and rally secretary Maggie Byford

From left to right: Brian Rhatigan junior in black and Brian Rhatigan senior in white, Lennox McNeely sitting in the back with perpetual hitchhiker Terry Maxon (his car broke down on day 2). The two "Arabs" are from the Facel Vega team. They keep changing the crew for a good cause.

From left to right: Ann Hunt, Richard Newman and Julie Simon, Matt Smith, our red-shirt rally doctor looking lost standing in the back, Mike Johnson, our rally photographer, and two more "rally officials": Mick O'Malley, experienced travel agent and Mark Thake, our paramedic

From left to right: Roberto Chiodi standing in the back, Phillipe Rochat, Joseph Capristano, Xavier Beaumartin, Jose Pimentel busy with the other table, Igor Kolodotschko and David Ellison

From left to right: Dorothy Jones and Paula Broderick deserted by their husbands/drivers for the moment, Mary and David Laing, another husband/wife - driver/navigator team.

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