Day 77

15. July 2000, Murcia to Terrassa

Today is not much different from yesterday: A very hot day, driving on the motorway (Autovia) along the Spanish coast with more and more tourist cars and tourist settlements. The landscape is varied and beautiful though and as we get closer to Barcelona, it gets more and more greener. In the area around Barcelona we see some very nice forests and meadows, maybe it is the gradual change between arid, Mediterranean flora and "Western European" flora that make this area so interesting. In the evening we have a very nice dinner with Spanish and Catalanian specialties (raw cod, etc.). Terrassa is a small town outside of Barcelona, but we do not venture inside the city as time does not allow for it and all of us are very tired.

TC 286: Murcia OUT
TC 287: Terrassa IN
30 616.50 km

Overall 2 hour 03 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

Benidorm: How do all these people manage to fit on one beach?

Forest fire on the side of the Autovia.

We cross the Ebro, the historic border between Spanish and Moors in the Middle Ages, today the border to the Catalans.

Ernesto, the head of Busch Iberica guides us around Barcelona.

Busch Iberica invites us to a nice dinner. The Spanish cuisine is delicious.



Beautiful landscapes along the route

Oleander shrubs are planted all along the Autovia.

The Autovia is nicely built but it does not come free. Like in almost any other country in Europe, probably a good chance to earn money from tourists. Car number 15, the Balfours from Scotland in front of us.

Ernesto, Karl, Sami, Kaya in front of Busch Iberica, which happens to be about five minutes from our rally hotel.