Day 76

14. July 2000, Tanger to Murcia

A very early morning today - we find ourselves in the port of Tanger some time after four. The diagonal crossing of the Straits of Gibraltar is quite short, about two to three hours and we soon enough find ourselves in Spain: our last "new" country to discover. Sami and Kaya were last in Spain in 1982 (when they had pictures of football-playing oranges everywhere) so our memories are slightly faded. But Spanish culture is European and Spanish culture is Mediterranean so we do not feel too much like in a strange and foreign country. The areas we drive through today, especially, get visited by many German, British, Benelux, Scandinavian, etc. tourists every year. The petrol station has pictures of famous "torreros" up and the driving is a lot faster and aggressive than in Morocco. But overall we unfortunately do not get to experience too much of the Spanish as we drive fast on the Autovia, trying to get to London. The day is also extremely hot and when we arrive in Murcia we stay in the hotel other then for dinner.

TC 284: Tanger OUT
TC 285: Murcia IN
00 531.60 km

Overall 2 hour 03 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

Very early morning in Tanger port.

City of Marbella looks overcrowded from the Autovia motorway. Although the Spanish coast is very beautiful, there sometimes seem to be too many sea resorts with too many buildings.

The coastal area of Spain is hilly.


What's wrong with the youth today?
- Clown with see-saw not so popular



The outline of Europe can be seen from Morocco.

Spanish traffic sign: Warning! Cows crossing!

Olive trees