Day 56

25. June 2000, Shelby to Bozeman

On our drive through Montana we see mostly cows, farms and farmland but in all different colours. Around lunchtime we drive through Great Falls and across the Missouri. In the afternoon we have a one-hour test were we lose one minute, five other cars make zero penalty.
Montana has about 850,000 inhabitants and seems to be dominated by farmland and mountains. In the morning we mostly drove through flat farmland, in the afternoon we drove through hills and saw mountains close to Bozeman. We will see more of beautiful Montana tomorrow, on our way to Yellowstone, the world's first national park (1872).
After the demanding test, we end up at the hotel quite early but the following days we will have quite long driving days.

TC 204: Shelby OUT
TC 205: Sixteenmile Rd IN
17 353.56 km
TC 206: Sixteenmile Rd OUT
TC 207: Maudlow IN
19 (one minute penalty) 78.51 km
TC 209: Bozeman IN
19 58.38 km

Overall 1 hour 31 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

We have a new passenger: Barley the Bear is a hitchhiker from Barley, England who wanted to make the tour around the world but has not got a car of his own (and probably no driver's licence as well).

cows, cowboy, dog and Porsche (car number 84)

Sixteenmile Road Test: Unlike Asian cows, these American ones like to remain on the road, even with cars approaching.

Sixteenmile Road Test: Then suddenly curvy road along a creek in a narrow valley.

Giving the US Mercedes Ponton a push so it can start with low batteries.

Paul and Joanna from England are cleaning their car at the local car wash.



That sumpguard rattling again, gives us a chance to stop and appreciate the countryside.

Sixteenmile Road Test: Could there be another sharp curve behind this crest?

Sixteenmile Road Test: A few kilometres of really bad, driven-out mud.

Farms are big in Montana

Another screw has been lost on the sumpguard, Sami is replacing it. We also put in a new fuel filter and air intake filter.