Day 30

30. May 2000, Rest day Turfan

Overall 1 hour 08 minutes penalty

The official results can be looked up on this website

In the morning we are awakened by the beautiful sound of Chinese music and the sweet voice of the drill instructor from the school next door.

But no vacuum-packaged meat

The place of 101 pagodas at Jiaohe. There were one hundred (to be seen in front, left, right, back) and one (to be seen in the middle) pagodas on this place

A tunnel with water in it? What is this all about?

The mosque of Turfan, slightly outside the city


Local market, many things on offer

The ancient city of Jiaohe which is about 2000 years old and today is 1650 by 300 metres of ruins. It is located on an island between rivers and was the seat of different governments until it was destroyed by fire in the 14th century.

What do you do with grapes if you should not drink wine? Raisins in all colours (still mainly Muslim population).

Read this sample of Chinese calligraphy to find out.

The mosque, in the background the typical buildings used for drying raisins (built out of offset bricks, the holes in the wall allow the dry air to stream through the raisins)